Damdama LakeDamdama LakeDamdama LakeDamdama LakeDamdama LakeDamdama LakeDamdama LakeDamdama LakeDamdama Lake

Damdama Lake

Perfectly located within 60kms from the lively urban center that’s Delhi, panoramic damdama lake can be described as home away from home for all those looking for an endless encounter with nature plus open-air activities. Like a well-known haunt for tourists and locals having a hankering for the outdoors, this heavenly lakeside environment offers the ideal venue for a number of families oriented and adventure sports activities that attract the old and young. Among the most significant naturally formed lakes in most of Haryana, the river fills a hollow at the lower Aravalli hills that also works as a amazing backdrop for the locale.

Visited by young families who get picnicking around the river bank a normal event, the river side is another venue filled with opportunities for sports enthusiasts. Boating fanatics can employ a paddle boat, row boat or motor boat and research the environments from the lake at their very own pace whilst kayaking as well as canoeing opportunities can also be found. Windsurfing is yet another common activity onsite whereas rock climbers can find their way the encompassing Aravalli Hills and check out the lake’s charming surroundings. Guests can take towards the skies and find out the lake’s milieu aboard a heat balloon using the winds flossing against one’s face.

Damdama Lake is really a natural home for birds and most 190 types of birds migratory in addition to local, click here during wintertime period i.e. from November to March. The area of damdama lake possesses a water resort adding appeal. If you wish to remain at Damdama Lake, then your resort may be the answer because it has 15 separate cottages, developed in such a manner that reminds ethnic type of Indian villages. One of the leading attractions from the resort includes the tree houses where it’s possible to benefit from the stunning environments from the lake, and its exotic bird life.

Camping services will also be delivering to people who desire to sleep underneath the stars within the lake’s designated camp site while fishing gear for fishing fanatics can also be found. The place to find its eco system, Damdama Lake can also be natural atmosphere of numerous a winged creatures. Using its vibrant choice of bird species which includes aquatic birds for example swans, the river also allures bird watchers all across Delhi to the verdant shores with binoculars at hand.

Supplying guests every possible leisure service, the river side also has a wonderful restaurant along with a bar having a decidedly cozy environment. Lined with lush lawns that stretch so far as the attention can easily see the damdama lake side also homes a conference hall and motel wing for corporate vacationers.

Damdama lakeDamdama lakeDamdama lake